Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer get upstaged in new ad for Swiss Tourism

Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer get upstaged in new ad for Swiss Tourism

Who better to promote Switzerland’s stunning scenery to tourists than the world’s most famous Swiss person – Roger Federer.

Throwing off his famous acting constraints, the tennis ace and Swiss tourism ambassador has partnered with the very non-Swiss actor, Anne Hathaway, for a new TVC that’s as stunning as it is witty.

The short film is part of a worldwide campaign to promote the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

At the beginning of the film, the audience sees wonderful images of the Grand Tour of Switzerland; breathtaking mountain passes, picturesque lakes, grandiose castles, and a powerful film score.

But the epic images are abruptly interrupted by an irritated Federer.

Together with Hathaway, he sits in an edit studio at a screening with the production team and director.

Both realise with horror: the director has practically cut them both out of the whole film.

No close-ups of the celebrities, but the screen focuses on the majestic landscapes.

The director’s reasoning: no one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland, no one is more visually stunning than Swiss landscapes.

In addition to the film, different promotional materials will be used under the slogan “I need the roadtrip of a lifetime. I need Switzerland.”

The diversity of Switzerland’s nature will be showcased along the Grand Tour of Switzerland, an unforgettable road trip packed with the best of Switzerland.

Naturally, this road trip can also be enjoyed very sustainably by travelling in an electric car, as the whole tour is fully electrified.

To make the trip even more memorable, Roger Federer will be the official guide on the number one road trip of the Alps and will present his personal favourite routes on a corresponding website.

“It was an absolute privilege to spend time with such a global superstar like Anne Hathaway,” Federer said.

“I was nervous about her high level of acting. But she gave me lots of tips and couldn’t have been nicer. She was very helpful and certainly patient with my acting skills.”

Martin Nydegger, Director of Switzerland Tourism, is also excited about Hathaway: “With such a Hollywood superstar like Anne in our campaign, we are assured of worldwide attention for the Grand Tour of Switzerland.”

For her part, Anne Hathaway has revealed herself to be a Switzerland fan: “Before the shoot, I was in the Swiss mountains with my family, and not only was it so beautiful but all the people there were so polite, sweet, considerate and – it’s actually true – very punctual.”

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