Who's this week's top agent?

Who's this week's top agent?
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Mystery Shopper, her husband and two children want to obtain airfares to the UK but wish to have a four-day stopover in Abu Dhabi. They would like to stay in four-star accommodation or higher and are interested in taking a look around the city and activities or events that might appeal to the children. A day trip to Dubai is also of interest to them. The budget is $12,000 in total.

TOP AGENT: 96% Lauren Billingsley, Flight Centre, Willows Shoppingtown, Kirwan, Qld

Entering I was immediately greeted and offered assistance. After listening briefly to my enquiry Lauren offered me a seat. I further explained that Abu Dhabi was to be a stay over en route to the UK. Lauren mentioned how much she loved her travels through the UK and suggested I get a London Pass included entry to a large amount of attractions for a low price. I was handed Arabia and Egypt Explore Holidays, Britain and Ireland Explore Holidays brochures before being asked questions to fully understand my requirements.

Lauren constantly engaged me in conversation, talking about her own travels and asking me where I have travelled to. During this time she was searching the computer for the flight information. I was advised that Etihad Airlines flew to Abu Dhabi and it was the country’s flagship airline. I was told there were seats available and she went though the prices with me. As far as four star accommodation was concerned, she suggested the Le Meridien and Sheraton, the latter being a five star. I chose Le Meridien and Lauren then turned her attention to sightseeing activities. She mentioned how the kids would love the fastest roller coaster in the world at Ferrari World, and the safari out into the desert with camels, dinner and belly dancers would be so beautiful.

Lauren suggested travel insurance and went into great detail explaining the advantages of having it. Singapore was suggested as a worthwhile stopover on the way back. It was suggested we lock the trip in soon to avoid any price changes due to foreign currency fluctuations. I was handed a Flight Centre travel organiser wallet so that I could keep all of the paperwork and brochures neatly together. I have no hesitations in making Lauren my future travel agent of choice.


How long have you worked as a travel agent ? One year.

What’s your favourite destination to sell and why? The US, particularly Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I used to work there and have so many happy memories that I love to share.

If you could book yourself a holiday right now (money is no object) where would it be and why? I’d go to Africa in a heartbeat, to see the great migration, Victoria Falls and climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

What destination do you sell the most of? Definitely America, and lots and lots of Thailand.

When did you go on your last famil trip and where was it to? I’m leaving on my first one tomorrow, to Auckland!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while travelling? I was living in Europe and forgot that I actually needed a passport to go from France into England. Lots of sweet talking later, they let me in!

Which four famous people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party? I’d invite Robin Williams, JK Rowling and my parents who live far away.

Who is your dream travel partner? Someone who has a sense of adventure but always carries bandaids.

What is the strangest place you have ever travelled to? Volunteering at a primary school in rural Romania is pretty high on the list of strange places to visit, the leader of our group wanted to take a shortcut through a corn field. Hasn’t he ever seen any horror movies?

If you were stranded on a desert island and only allowed one item, what would it be? A really good book.

SECOND PLACE: 53% Escape Travel, Willows Shoppingtown, Kirwan, Qld

As soon as I entered the agency I was warmly greeted and invited to take a seat. I explained that I was after information on travelling to Abu Dhabi en route to the UK. At this point the agent sought out a brochure on Abu Dhabi but was unable to locate one. After asking for my travel dates the agent spent some time locating flights with Etihad Airlines before providing detailed pricing for my family of four. When asked, I explained that I was after four star accommodation. The agent did some checking before suggesting the Le Meridien Abu Dhabi which had a Deluxe City Room for the family and four nights including breakfast for just $744.

I asked the agent what family activities were available in Abu Dhabi and whether a day trip to Dubai was available. Ferrari World, New World of Wanfer Tour and Sundowner Dune Tour were suggested however they were unsure of the availability of day trips to Dubai. The agent then printed a sample itinerary which included flights, activities and accommodation prices. I was also provided a print out from Infinity Holidays detailing the features of Le Meridian in Abu Dhabi. Even though the agent seemed to be quite new to the job they engaged me in an enthusiastic manner. As my contact details were not asked for there was no follow up contact made.

THIRD PLACE: 36% Jetset, Willows Shoppingtown, Kirwan, Qld

I was greeted and offered assistance as soon as I walked into the agency. I explained that I was looking for a four day stopover in Abu Dhabi on my way to the UK. The agent sought assistance from another agent before placing an Egypt Dubai Tempo Holidays 2012 brochure on the desk. A few questions were asked including the dates we wished to travel. The agent then spent a great deal of time trying to find us the cheapest flight options and ultimately we would have to settle for the next pricing tier. As the agent focussed all their attention on the monitor I asked them if I could have a look at the brochure while waiting.

The agent seemed new to the role as they had to consult with a colleague on a number of occasions. After being asked, I explained we wanted four star accommodation and together we came up with the Le Meridan as the best option. I asked about family friendly activities and only Ferrari World was suggested. The agent tried to locate an email they had received from Etihad Airlines which apparently contained a list of things to do in Abu Dhabi. I was handed an itinerary which was hard to work out or read as they had some printing issues. As my contact details weren’t sought there was no follow up call from the agent.

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