TravelManagers ramps up staff focus

TravelManagers ramps up staff focus
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Consultants will be at the heart of TravelManagers’ 2013 growth strategy, as the newly appointed general manager revealed that its network will be the “number one priority” next year.

Speaking at the TravelManagers conference in Fiji on Friday, general manager Michael Gazal revealed that the firm had recorded 25% growth over the past 12 months.

Up from 300 consultants at the beginning of the year, the home-based firm now has 370 consultants on its books, with an average 7% organic growth across the business.

Gazal attributed the growth to extra famil opportunities, the introduction of breakaway card memberships, and new BPay receipting.

But as consumer spending and travel habits continue to evolve, Gazal said recruitment and staff investment was essential to ensure further growth.

“Our number one priority for our business next year is the network,” he said. “We need to grow. We need to have economies of scale to compete in the market.”

Gazal said loyalty giveaways and rewards would be central to the company’s growth strategy, while a number of processes will also be simplified to boost consultant efficiency.

“A key strategy for me is to understand what you value, not what we think you value,” he said. “We aim to help you grow sales and improve your margins. We want to get better deals for you and we want to make you more efficient."

Gazal also promised more famil opportunities next year, and concluded by encouraging consultants to “keep your passports valid” in 2013.

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