Take a glimpse at the future of travel

Take a glimpse at the future of travel
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Robots, virtual reality and space – what is that these three have in common aside from being frequent staples in science fiction? According to Skyscanner, they might represent the future of travel.

 In its detailed report, the Future of Travel 2014, the travel search site outlined the future of travel and what we can expect to see change in the coming years. Ready for a glimpse into the future?

By 2024 the so called TOM (traveller of the millennium) will use artificially-intelligent digital travel buddies, who are able to accurately suggest and book suitable trips.

Virtual reality will be commonplace, with holidaymakers offered the chance to demo their holidays; allowing them to see the sights, hear the sounds, and even feel the landscape of a destination.

Wearable technology, greatly evolved from the Google Glasses of today, will be so small as to fit onto a contact lens, providing immediate translations, breaking down language barriers and the need to learn the holiday lingo.

With so many emerging technologies it is mind-boggling to imagine just how we will experience our holidays in the future. These ideas might seem a long way from happening, but actually some of them are already in their development or testing phases” said Skyscanner’s David Boyte.

“This report is a great sneak peek into the future and Skyscanner’s vision of what the symbiotic relationship between technology and travel will look like in the next 10 years.”  

The report is the result of in-depth research and interviews with tech company experts, travel futurologists and Skyscanner’s co-founder and CEO, Gareth Williams. Sections two and three of the report will be available later this year. 

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