Sydney could host three Queen spectacular

Sydney could host three Queen spectacular
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Cunard will explore the prospect of bringing all three of its Queens to Sydney on the same day in 2015 as part of the cruise line’s 175th anniversary celebrations.

President and managing director Peter Shanks , who has long expressed a wish to see all its ships in Sydney Harbour simultaneously, said it was investigating the possibility of the royal rendezvous.

Speaking on board Queen Mary 2 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal yesterday, Shanks said Sydney would “play a big part” in the anniversary plans and confirmed the meeting of Queen Victoria, QM2 and Queen Elizabeth was in its thoughts.

“We have big ambitions for 2015 and we are just starting to work on it, but Sydney will play a big part in those plans,” he said. “It will be a remarkable year.

“We haven’t got as far as the practicalities yet but I would love to bring all three ships here. I have had that vision for a long time. When we’ve had two ships in Sydney it has been spectacular and to have all three would be a remarkable event if it were to happen.”

Shanks said the logistics of getting all the liners to Australia would be the hardest obstacle to overcome.

“If you are sending three ships around the world, getting them to the same point on the same day is quite hard. But it would be fantastic,” he said.

New York has twice hosted Queen Victoria, QM2 and Queen Elizabeth simultaneously, in 2007 and again in 2010.

Shanks, who described the events as “awesome”,  said it gives the cruise line global exposure and lifts awareness of Cunard and cruising in general.  

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