Travellers Choice chief reports preferred push

Travellers Choice chief reports preferred push
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Travellers Choice chief executive Christian Hunter has spoken of his “gut” feeling that agents are increasing their sales of preferred suppliers, as he made his maiden speech as leader of the network.

He told the annual conference in the Hunter Valley at the weekend that members understand the need to back preferreds “both conceptually and financially”.

They have “risen to the challenge”, he told delegates.

Later, Hunter was unable to provide figures to illustrate the support but told Travel Today: “My gut feeling is that the support is increasing. Our members get why they need to do it because they see the financial reward that it delivers.”

A bookings reporting tool, the Members Sales Analysis, has helped head office and agents keep a close watch on targets, he said.

“It gives them their own sales performance and the collective position. The agents, and our business development managers, can see if there are certain areas where they need to turn it around,” Hunter explained. “Supporting our preferrds is fundamental to our business. The more successful they are in supporting preferreds, the more successful our organisation is and the more financial rewards they receive.”

During his speech, Hunter said members had even contacted him personally to ask how they can help the company reach sales targets.

Hunter also emphasised the need for members to engage in local area marketing and again described their database “as your most important asset”.

“Outstanding customer service, for which customers are prepared to pay more, smart database management and clever local area marketing will all be required to counter sustained competition,” he said.

Encouraging more agents to use head office tools and services, such as websites and its digital marketing system, TD Direct (see separate story), was among the tasks for the year ahead, he added.

Time and a fear of technology was holding back some agents, Hunter, issues which can be solved by working closely with its BDMs.

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