How to shop like a Royal

How to shop like a Royal
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With rather larger wallets than the hoi polloi, the Royals have long been known for their discerning taste and commitment to high quality brands.

In fact, royal warrants have been issued for centuries to those who supply goods or services to a royal court.

For the shopper it simply means if it’s good enough for the Queen, surely it must be good enough for you.

Here, VisitEngland selects ten of the best royal approved brands. 

1. Norfolk Lavender


The lavender that grows from England’s premier lavender farm is harvested with a specially designed machine, and the oil is then distilled using copper stills that were built in 1874. No wonder then that the company’s soaps, lotions and potions smell so wonderfully fresh and have had a Royal warrant since 1936.

2. Royal Doulton


Since a warrant was issued back in 1901 Royal Doulton has become synonymous as the finest of all of Britain’s fine China. Today its porcelain, dinnerware, giftware, cookware, glassware and collectables still stand as a byword for quality, and the Queen would never dream to drink her Earl Grey from anything else.

3. Asprey


For almost 200 years Asprey has been associated with a special class of luxury, from everything from bespoke jewellery to ornate luggage. This is a brand that deals in only the finest of materials and design. Isn’t it about time you made your shopping in England truly memorable?

4. Donald Russell


It is widely believed the meat provided by Donald Russell is amongst the most tender and delicious you can find in the UK. This is probably due to the fact that the online butcher specialises in grass-fed, traditionally matured beef and lamb, reared by farmers who care about their animals.

5. Burberry


It says a lot about Burberry that for a firm that was founded back in 1852, it is still famous for its quality, innovation and style. And all this in the especially fickle world of fashion. As they say fashion fades, style is eternal. And a gift of Burberry handbag can still save a marriage.

6. Roberts Radio


The Royal family has purchased Roberts Radios since 1939. Their radios have become design classics with the latest technology housed in sleek, simple and functional cases. Mind you they are not about to rest on their laurels having only recently launched the world’s first solar powered digital radio.

7. Penhaligon’s


The famous London perfume house was founded in 1867 and over the last 150 years has supplied the world with some of the most famous scents including Hammam Bouquet, Blenheim Bouquet, English Fern and Lords. Not that it’s all about the past though, or why else would it be Kate Moss’ fragrance of choice?

8. Bollinger


Bollinger became the official supplier of champagne to the British court, receiving a Royal Warrant in 1884 from Queen Victoria followed in 1950 by King George VI and the Queen Mother. It’s also James Bond’s bubbly of choice, and anyone, anywhere who has a special occasion to celebrate.

9. Hamleys


It was Queen Mary who, having played with Hamleys toys as a small child, awarded the shop once known as the “Joy Emporium” a Royal warrant in 1938. The toy shop’s famous Regent Street location has been a London attraction since the early 1830s, and to this day serves as quite possibly the best experience any child (or child at heart) can have.

10. Barbour


For those that have been converts to J. Barbour & Sons Ltd enduring, high quality waterproof and outdoor wear their new found fashion renaissance is no mystery.  In addition to its iconic waxed and quilted jackets, the company’s sweaters, moleskin clothing and tattersall shirts have elevated pure function to high fashion

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