Qantas launches new campaign

Qantas launches new campaign
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Qantas will attempt to build bridges with its new campaign, You’re The Reason We Fly, which has a strong focus on reconnecting with its customers after a difficult year.

The airline’s first major new brand campaign since the 2008 Olympics, unveiled today, will see the airline’s tagline adapted to become The Spirit of Australians to underscore its focus on people.

Executive manager marketing Lewis Pullen revealed the airline was encouraging customers to engage with the five-phase campaign by offering them the chance to get their name on a plane and their picture in the upcoming commercial.

“People love I Still Call Australia Home and it will still has an important role to play for us, that’s really our national anthem,” Pullen told Travel Today.

“But, they do want to see that Qantas is changing and they want to see the brand as modern and contemporary. They want us to listen to them again and have a deeper conversation with the brand.”

The new campaign was as much about instilling the values in staff as customers, he added.

Pullen described the launch as “cost effective” with the airline shunning TV for its launch, instead relying on social media, print, digital and outdoor.

TV will be used for the upcoming Olympics blitz by the brand, but Pullen declined to put a figure on the spend for the new campaign, saying only that was a “major investment”.

“One of the things we decided was to keep this part fairly short,” he said. “It was originally going to run for a longer period of time. We hope it’s going to generate a big buzz.”

A soft launch this weekend will see the announcement phase kick off, followed swiftly on Monday by the invite phase, through new web portal

The company also unveiled a new safety video using the Australian Olympic team.

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