Joyce sticks to guns in Tourism Australia row

Joyce sticks to guns in Tourism Australia row
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Qantas has insisted it is no closer to resolving its feud with Tourism Australia despite reports last week that the group of investors with links to Geoff Dixon had sold its stake in the airline.

Speaking at a Tourism and Transport Forum lunch in Sydney, chief executive Alan Joyce maintained the conflict of interest still stands.

"Shareholders come and go, but the issues were much broader in terms of ambitions, what was going to happen in relation to Qantas and what the consortium were intending to do," he said. "I don't think that has been resolved, and that conflict is still there. Our position hasn't changed."

The carrier continues to work with TA on a number of projects, but Joyce confirmed that no future plans beyond the end date of their contract would be discussed until the matter is settled.

Meanwhile, he complimented Boeing on its handling of investigations into the Dreamliner malfunctions, insisting Qantas is unfazed by potential delays in the fulfillment of its order.

It expects to take delivery of its first Boeing 787 in August.

"We haven't been informed of any delay at this stage," Joyce said. "But, like any good business, we do have contingencies. We've managed to cope with a four-year delay in the aircraft so far."

However, he stressed the airline was keen to have the aircraft "as soon as possible" and is confident that Boeing will fix the problem.





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