Katie Price "worst travelling companion"

Katie Price "worst travelling companion"
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Glamour girl Katie Price has been named the least desirable holiday companion.

The model topped a poll to identify the person with whom travellers would least like to be stuck, conducted by RadioTimes.com/travel.

Russell Brand was runner-up in the survey of more than 1,000 people, with motormouth Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson in third position.

Stephen Fry – who often tops popularity polls – secured ninth place in the top ten of nightmare fellow travellers.

Radio Times travel editor Jade Bremner said: "It seems that opinionated celebrities are the people Radio Times readers would least like to travel with.

"Holidaying with someone who's likely to put their foot in their mouth or demonstrate diva-like behaviour can turn a dream trip into a nightmare."

Top 10 celebrities with whom people would least like to travel:

1. Katie Price

2. Russell Brand

3. Jeremy Clarkson

4. Keith Lemon

5. Simon Cowell

6. Joey Essex

7. Piers Morgan

8. Victoria Beckham

9. Stephen Fry

10. Jonathan Ross

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