JTG drafts in business advisors

JTG drafts in business advisors
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Jetset Travelworld has drafted in global business advisor Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to conduct a thorough review of the business as it begins life under new chief executive Rob Gurney.

BCG is in the early stages of the review which was commissioned by the JTG board after consultation with outgoing chief executive Peter Lacaze and Gurney, his successor.

The former Qantas executive has been in the role for a little more than a month having taken over on August 27 – the day JTG posted a 72% decline in after tax profits.

It is unclear precisely what and where the focus of the review will be, but in a less than buoyant market, and after such a financial result, it is clear the business has challenges.

After the relatively smooth merger of Stella and Jetset Travelworld, a fresh perspective both from Gurney and BCG is regarded as instrumental in driving the next stage of the company’s development and strategy.

On its website, BCG say it aims to identify a company’s “highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform their enterprises”.

Gurney said the move to appoint external consultants to scrutinise the business was a “management and board decision”.

“It was something I discussed with the board before taking on the role,” he said.

But he declined to discuss BCG’s terms of reference or how long the review will take. Discussions will take place privately with all stakeholders, major supply partners and agency network, he said.

“When the outcomes of that review are determined then we’ll have something to talk about,” he told Travel Today. “We are at the early stages of the work and the early stages of discussion with our partners.

“The important players in this are our agency network and our suppliers, they are our business partners and we want to have appropriate discussions with them before we talk to anyone else about the review.”

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