Hotels lag in social media table

Hotels lag in social media table
By admin

Australian hotels are among the world’s top 10 eco-friendly properties, but they are falling behind when it comes to social media, according to a new TripAdvisor survey.

Local hotels ranked only 19th in the world for their use of social media to attract travellers, with a score of 55%, well behind table topping Malaysia and Indonesia with 89% and 84% respectively.

They fared well in green initiatives however, with eco-friendly practices such as energy-efficient light bulbs, water-efficient showers and linen reuse seeing Australian hotels achieve a score of 80%, ahead of many Asia Pacific counterparts but behind New Zealand’s 93%.

Meanwhile, only 21% of the 1000 Australian properties surveyed said they had been “highly profitable” over the last six months, with 37% expecting the economy to remain unchanged.

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