Fergie vows to quash rogue operators

Fergie vows to quash rogue operators
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Tourism minister Martin Ferguson has vowed to clamp down on Approved Destination Scheme operators who flout the Code of Ethics and provide a shoddy service for Chinese tour groups.

Speaking at the Australia Tourism Export Council conference on the Sunshine Coast today, Ferguson said it was critical to provide quality experiences for Chinese tourists.

One operator was suspended last week while two were kicked out last year for “fundamental breaches of the code”.

“While I take no pleasure in suspending operators I make no apologies for rigorously enforcing the code and my determination to ensure the integrity of the ADS scheme,” he said. “The reasoning is simple. If Australia does not offer good holiday experiences, Chinese visitors will not return or recommend Australia to their friends and family.

“The damage to brand Australia of bad holiday experiences cannot be underestimated.”

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