Don’t write off Qantas yet, says McEvoy

Don’t write off Qantas yet, says McEvoy
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Tourism Australia boss Andrew McEvoy has come out in defence of Qantas, insisting the airline stands on “very strong ground”.

McEvoy highlighted the carrier’s 65% domestic market share as an indication of its strength and branded Jetstar “one of the most successful low cost carriers globally”. Jetstar operates around 60% of all Japanese capacity into Australia, he added.

He conceded the airline’s international performance was less impressive, but said it was taking steps to address the situation.

“I personally wouldn’t be writing Qantas off yet,” he told students at Sydney Hotel School.

But he admitted that while the Flying Kangaroo remained its largest marketing partner globally and a strong advocate for Australia, the tourism body is strengthening its ties with other carriers.

He highlighted Middle Eastern, Chinese and low cost carriers as increasingly important for Australian tourism.

“They are starting to really bring some inbound business in,” he said. “Just like Qantas should be selfish and should make money for its shareholders, we at Tourism Australia should be selfish and work with those who are going to bring inbound into Australia.”

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