China traffic on the rise

China traffic on the rise
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Passenger numbers flying between Australia and China surged in September as Chinese carriers cemented their presence in the local market.

New government figures showed that China Southern Airlines carried the majority of traffic between the two countries, with the largest year-over-year increase.

Passenger numbers rose to 53,273, a 32% increase over September 2011, with loads on inbound services averaging 74.9% while outbound services recorded 74.7%.

China Eastern Airlines recorded a 12% increase to 25,510. The carrier's inbound loads hit 81.7% while outbound services were almost 81% full.

Air China and Qantas also saw increases, although more moderate. Air China climbed 3.6% to 22,195 with loads on inbound services averaging 87.5% and 84.8% on outbound services.

Qantas traffic rose 4.6% to 11,742 passengers with inbound loads of 74.7% and outbound loads of 82.3%.

Traffic figures are expected to receive an additional boost following the introduction of China Eastern services to Cairns at the end of October while Sichuan Airlines has announced plans to operate to Melbourne although no launch date has been set.

Hainan carried 2,962 passengers in September 2011 before the route's suspension the following month.

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