5 reasons to road trip

5 reasons to road trip
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Getting behind the wheel and heading off on the quintessential domestic road trip doesn't just have to be a rite of passage for the young. It can become a twice-in-a-lifetime experience for parents who have taken to the tarmac before. And there's no better way to do it than in a campervan or motorhome.

When it comes to routes, there are a thousand and one different options to choose from. Families can experience the dramatic coastal scenery on a trip down the Princes Highway from Sydney to Melbourne, take the scenically stunning Melbourne to Adelaide route with the choice of following coast or country, or enjoy the colour of Western Australia's wildflower trails, using Perth as their starting point.  


While the traditional family holiday involves forking out for airfares, accommodation, places to eat, and possibly a hire car, a motorhome or campervan holiday can be significantly cheaper. By hitting the road, you need only pay for the cost of hiring the vehicle (which doubles as a dining venue), picking up supplies along the way, and the incremental cost of staying in a camping area or caravan park.

There are also plenty of free camping areas dotted around Australia, if your clients are prepared to do the research to find them. And when it comes to preparing meals, most kitchens come with the whole shebang – gas cooktop, fridge, microwave, crockery and utensils.


While visiting Australia's capital cities is great, travelling in a motorhome or campervan gives families the flexibility to also check out the country's many fascinating towns – from Eumundi, located in the hinterland of Queensland's Sunshine Coast, to the historic gold-mining town of Beechworth in Victoria. 

Designing your own itinerary means there's no limit on how long you stay in each place – and you're free to move along when you've seen all you want to see. However, make sure your clients know that rental companies do place some restrictions on where you can drive the vehicles within the country.


One of the advantages of a family travelling in a campervan or motorhome is the often spacious interior – the kids can stretch out during the journey, rather than being cramped in a plane seat. 

A four or six berth vehicle is the way to go for larger families. Most motorhomes now have TVs and DVD players, which guarantees parents a bit of peace and quiet during the journey. When talking to clients who are considering this kind of trip, be sure to mention that if their child is under five, they will require a baby or booster seat. 


A driving holiday in Australia is the perfect opportunity to catch up with family and friends far and wide. 
Rather than having to sleep on couches and blow-up mattresses, the gang can catch up with their nearest and dearest then spend the night nearby in comfort. They can even invite family and friends back to their vehicle for a memorable al fresco meal under the awning.

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