The best kept airline secret in the business

Hannah Edensor

Want to know the best kept secret in the airline business? Come closer, we’ll tell you.

SWISS global fares might sound like just another airfare, but little do you know, it’s actually one of the most efficient and affordable ways to travel the world. Literally.

If you’re keen to get creative and build the perfect itinerary for your clients with maximum choice, these SWISS global fares are the ideal platform to get your clients traversing across the globe.

“We have been working hard to integrate the Lufthansa Group product offering from all three carriers and combining our tickets into one seamless transaction,” general manager, Australia, Anil Rodricks said.

“A passenger can now fly out with Lufthansa via Singapore but can come back with Swiss via Hong Kong, or go out on Austrian and come back on Swiss, or any combination thereof. We recognised that if we could do this in a comprehensive and seamless way, the market would embrace it and sell the product all together.

“The revenue that we are gaining from combined tickets is growing rapidly. It is only by bringing the products together that the true strength of the group makes sense to customers, who want to leverage the huge capacity that we have in Asia and Europe.

Here’s an example of just how easy (and value for $$) these global fares really are:

Sydney —> Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c estados-unidos-1-300x232

Qantas: Sydney to New York

estados-unidos-1-300x232 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c havana-cuba1

Surface sector: New York to Havana, Cuba

havana-cuba1 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c 7169153_660x250

Swiss: Havana, Cuba to Zurich

7169153_660x250 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c Barcelone

Swiss: Zurich to Barcelona

Barcelone e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c Amsterdam-bike-and-canal

Surface sector: Barcelona to Amsterdam

Amsterdam-bike-and-canal e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c 7169153_660x250

Swiss: Amsterdam to Zurich

7169153_660x250 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c Rio-de-Janeiro-beaches-500x312

Swiss: Zurich to Sao Paulo

Rio-de-Janeiro-beaches-500x312 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c 4895312145_d5a899dd68_b

TAM LINHAS AEREAS: Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires

4895312145_d5a899dd68_b e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c 104012337_a8db6cad02_z

Surface sector: Buenos Aires to Santiago

104012337_a8db6cad02_z e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c Sydney Harbour Bridge

Qantas: Santiago to Sydney


Gross fare $1540 + taxes $902.38 = total gross fare for this itinerary including taxes AUD 2442.38


And here’s another easy and cost effective fare:

Melbourne —> Melbourne

melbourne-laneway-057 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c hollywood-sign

United Airlines: Melbourne to Los Angeles

hollywood-sign e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c escape-to-miami-beach.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960

Surface sector: Los Angeles to Miami

escape-to-miami-beach.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c 7169153_660x250

Swiss: Miami to Zurich

7169153_660x250 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c Florence-Italy-10 (1)

Swiss: Zurich to Florence

Florence-Italy-10 (1) e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c old-town-square-prague-panorama

Surface sector: Florence to Prague

old-town-square-prague-panorama e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c 7169153_660x250

Swiss: Prague to Zurich

7169153_660x250 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c thai-sculpture-from-grand-palace-complex-in-bangkok

Swiss: Zurich to Bangkok

thai-sculpture-from-grand-palace-complex-in-bangkok e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c 177768441

Surface sector: Bangkok to Phuket

177768441 e6b9839fc0e21afb4616715e74555c5c melbourne-laneway-057

Jetstar: Phuket to Melbourne


Gross fare $1065 + taxes $1555.52 = total gross fare for this itinerary including taxes = AUD 2620.52


These taxes are calculated at July 28 2015, and offer an amazing value for money when you look at the cost of a point to point return fare from Australia to Europe.

You can check out the total fare sheet here.


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