Rail Europe Launches B2B e-brochure

Rail Europe Launches B2B e-brochure
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Rail Europe has released its B2B e-brochure as part of its latest campaign to help travel advisors assist clients with their European rail holidays.

With itineraries curated around popular themes of history, art and culture, gastronomy, and other European experiences. Destinations include UK, Ireland, France, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and much more.

The e-brochure offers a balanced mix of popular destinations and lesser-known gems with itineraries that aim to inspire further exploration beyond major cities.

Advisors should also note that while passes such as the Eurail Pass and Swiss Travel Pass offer incredible value and flexibility, point-to-point tickets can sometimes work out to be more cost effective especially on shorter stays or where travellers only want to visit a few selected places.

“In response to the many travel advisors seeking fresh inspiration to help their clients, we hope this comprehensive e-brochure will provide them with a solid base from which they can further develop, tailor and refine their itineraries,” GM of APAC, Rich Leonard, said.

It is the third and final part of a wider campaign that began with the roll out of Rail Europe’s digital map in February and the current ‘Dream Journey’ competition ending Sunday, 16 June.

Advisors can view and download the e-brochure on Rail Europe’s site or Facebook page.