Five reasons to cruise the French Polynesia

Christmas, New Year, summer – it’s all happening in the next few months, so why not treat yourself to a little cruise getaway?

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With several tropical itineraries embarking between the Christmas period and mid-2018, the time is right to book a voyage to the laidback islands of French Polynesia and the South Pacific.

And little ol’ Oceania Cruises is toot tooting its own horn to remind you of their presence in this region, especially given they’re renowned for ‘The Finest Cuisine at Sea’ and for their relaxed, elegant-casual ambience.

Between December 2017 and May 2018, Oceania Cruises offers nine itineraries ranging from 10 to 29 days aboard its fleet of intimate, luxurious, mid-sized ships, catering for between 684 and 1250 guests.

With a reputation for exceptional, personalised service, a French Polynesian passage on Oceania Cruises will be an unforgettable experience, with plenty of time in each port and numerous itineraries including overnight stays, for a fully immersive taste of island life.

Here are five top reasons to visit French Polynesia and the South Pacific sooner, rather than later:

Marina – the South Pacific’s most luxurious ship

Marina, the most luxurious and amenity-laden ship sailing Tahitian waters, offers the largest, most spacious staterooms and suites of the vessels sailing the region, as well as the largest number of deluxe Veranda Staterooms.

Choose from eight gourmet restaurants, a raft of indulgent treatments at the lavish Canyon Ranch SpaClub and thought-provoking onboard enrichment that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the South Pacific.

That brilliant blue water 

Waking up every morning surrounded by the clear azure waters of the Pacific is an experience not easily forgotten.

Make the most of it snorkelling with manta rays in shallow lagoons, kayak the local waterways, take a scuba dive to see what lies beneath the surface or glide across the water on an exhilarating catamaran – there’s a reason French Polynesia is the epitome of the term ‘tropical paradise’.

Chef-designed Culinary Adventures

Marina is the only ship sailing the South Pacific offering immersive chef-designed Culinary Discovery Tours, which provide an authentic experience of fabulous French Polynesian cuisine.

From exploring local plantations and learning traditional underground cooking techniques in Nuku Hiva, to dining at Bora Bora’s most exclusive restaurant, to touring tropical gardens cultivating ginger, papaya, mango, star fruit and other native delights, French Polynesia is a fantastic destination for foodies.

Free-spirited Island-Hopping

There’s no better way to enjoy the best of French Polynesia than by sea.

With each island its own unique garden of Eden, from an off-road safari through the lush greenery of Moorea, to the aromatic vanilla plantations of Raiatea to the famed lagoons of Bora Bora, the plunging waterfalls of Tahiti and the black pearl farms of Rangiroa, there’s a reason this region has inspired artists, authors and film makers for decades.

The world’s most incredible sunsets

Take in picture-perfect views of the region during the daytime, then magnify it when the sun dips towards the horizon.

Whether you’re enjoying a pre-dinner Mai Tai during a deck party or dining ashore during your overnight Bora Bora stay, the nightly sunsets are a breathtaking reminder (and photographer’s dream) of why you planned this gorgeous getaway.

Itineraries include return sailings from Papeete, a Sydney to Papeete itinerary, an epic journey from Bali to Honolulu and a trip from Papeete to Los Angeles.


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