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Agent Insider: Flight Centre’s Claudia Redman

It’s Monday, what a better way to start off the week than with an R-rated, all-revealed, no holding back agent expose? Ok, might’ve been a little overdramatic there.

This week’s victim? Flight Centre Team Leader Claudia Redman.

I knew I wanted to become an agent when…

I had a dream about flying over Paris! I decided I wanted to travel as well as talk about travel all day every day!

My first day on the job was…

A big red shiny blur.

My favourite famil has to be…

Japan ski with club med!

My friends are constantly jealous of my job because…

I sell a fun and exciting product. No day is ever boring- it’s like working at Disneyland! The happiest place on earth.

I love the industry because…

I’m constantly challenged and learning. No day will ever present the same challenge with the same outcome.

The biggest challenge for the industry is…

Not having control over some outcomes, like cancelled flights or volcanoes!

My favourite thing about my job is…

I work in a community store which means everyone that walks past/comes into the office already knows us, it’s a great energy every day. Everyone just feels like your friend.

My favourite country…


The strangest experience I’ve had travelling…  

Being offered a scorpion on a stick on Khao San road in Bangkok

My favourite airline is…

Qatar airlines

My proudest moment was…

Anytime someone is referred to me.

The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done on a trip is…

Snuck into the outdoor spa at midnight with people on a club med famil in Japan (the staff snuck is in btw!)

I relax by…

Taking my dog to the dog beach

I really wish I had…

Enough money to do a Silversea Cruise.

The best advice I’ve ever received was…

You gain what you give.

I don’t understand why people…

Book online. They need us

My greatest weakness is…

Dogs! Being a community store we’ve gained a lot of business from meeting the dogs walking past. They begin to stop out front outdoor until our clients bring them in for a pat. They know where to come next time for their next holiday!

And my greatest strength is…


If I won a $1 million lottery (aside from travelling), I would…

Buy a big house on the beach so my dog Bailey can go to the beach every day!

If I was prime minister I would…

Make the days between Christmas day and new years day all public holidays!

If I could be someone else for one day I would be a…

A singer because I have a terrible voice and it would be great to finally be able to sing without judgment.

I’ve always wanted to travel to…

New York, but I’m saving up for when I can do it in style!


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