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  • Hotels

Big Fat Hotel Wrap

This hotel wrap is taller than some of the hotels in it. Yes, we got out the measuring tape and everything. Obviously.

  • Cruise

Big Fat Cruise Wrap

This cruise wrap envies the length of a ship. Though sadly, it's not filled with a swimming pool or waiters ready to tak...

  • Cruise

Big Fat Cruise Wrap

Travel Weekly's power was out this morning so we typed this entire article in the dark. Yes, we're lying to impress you ...

  • Cruise

Big Fat Cruise Wrap

Crazy cruise deals, a new World Dream debut, plus movers and shakers in the cruise industry.

  • Travel Agents

Big Fat Agent Wrap

TravelAgents were off galavanting around the globe again, from South America to USA. Were you on one of the recent famil...

  • Aviation

US airlines ban hoverboards

Hoverboards may be on many people's Christmas lists but they present a conundrum for airlines.

  • Destinations

A Socceroo World Cup guide to Brazil

When you combine the FIFA World Cup with a soccer mad nation known for its love of a party the sum total is one month of...