Inflight hot yoga? Why not, says Scoot

Scoot Airlines has announced that guests aboard the daily flight TZ 220 from Singapore to Hong Kong will now be able to enjoy inflight hot yoga classes.

Chief executive Campbell Wilson is enthusiastic about the launch of the ‘Yoga Zone’ after the success of the airline’s ScootnSilence child-free cabin.

“The Scoot YogaZone uses our aptly-named s-t-r-e-t-c-h seats’ 38” legroom to their fullest, enabling you to really get a full body workout whilst zooming to your destination,” he said.

"What’s more, we’ll even cater to the Bikram enthusiasts by ramping up a small part of the cabin to 40.6 C for 60 minutes during flight, just like your own yoga studio’s hot room.”

The widebody Boeing 777-200 is the perfect size for the yoga classes, with plenty of extra leg and elbow room to perform the various yoga poses, from the monkey to half-moon pose. For those inexperienced with yoga, instructors Maria Chan and Jezeral Heng from Bikram Yoga Katong will be on hand to assist, guide and untie if needed.

The free inflight yoga class is available for free on a limited one-month trial.

As well as YogaZone, Scoot is set to introduce MaxYourSpace, in which for a small fee guests can guarantee that the seat next to theirs will remain empty so they can strike whatever pose they want.


Instructor Jezeral Heng from Bikram Yoga Katong in a Spinal Balance pose


(left) Instructors Jezeral Heng and Maria Chan in the Camel pose (right) Maria and Jezeral performing a Woman-on-woman pose


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