Cruise Pursuit



Travel Weekly and CLIA have teamed up to bring you the event of the year (ok, maybe event of the quarter) and it comes with food, booze and cash prizes!

Cruise Pursuit is giving travel agents in Sydney and Brisbane the chance to test their cruising prowess, with $1500 per event – CASH – up for grabs as the ultimate prize; that’s $750 for 1st prize, $500 for 2nd and $250 for 3rd.

All you have to do is buddy up and create a trivia team with three to four people. Don’t have a team? Don’t worry! Just register and we’ll pop you with a whole new crew of buddies for the evening.

We can just hear you and your colleagues, huddled around the computer shouting, “I’ve heard enough, count me in!” Well check out these details and then click here to register now!


6 reasons you’ll be dying to attend!

  1. It’s absolutely free – yes, FREE!
  2. It comes with three hours of food and drinks – and again it’s all included
  3. Choose your own adventure – you choose your team, and you can even *gasps* mix agency teams
  4. If you’re a CLIA member, you’ll earn additional accreditation points just by attending
  5. There’s $1500 worth of cash up for grabs – and that’s at each event
  6. You don’t need to file a report with your boss the next morning – this is purely for fun




Hyatt Regency
Wednesday, July 5 2017
5.30pm-9.00pm (trivia will start at 6:15)



Sofitel Central
Tuesday, July 11 2017
5.30pm-9.00pm (trivia will start at 6:15)